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About Us

Manosi Ventures is an SME registered by the Government of Kenya with presence in the port city of Mombasa.  We are experts in value chain management and tailor-made value chain solutions since 2007. Although traditionally supply chain management has been assumed to be merely logistical assistance along the value chain, our philosophy has been that every unit in any value chain must be strategically equipped to enable it sustain competitiveness and hence create an avenue for cost reduction.

Our key focus in Supply chain management has majorly been in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. The scope includes both up-line and down-line logistics complete with Reverse Logistics solutions. Our clientelle spans the entire East Africa region with source markets in Asia, Europe, United States and Canada.


Our Supply Chain Solutions include development and integration of low-cost, tailor-made, hosted applications running both on mobile and web that catalyse the supply chain processes. These hosted solutions include interactive website portals, complete with a fully working Quoting, Invoicing and Billing system. Our back office solutions, content management systems, customer support and e-training modules have been a great success with many of our SME sector clients. The broader framework however also covers Finance, Marketing, Branding and business process re-engineering (BPR

We attribute our current and future success on our embrace and value of a culture of team spirit. We boast of a lean, yet highly talented and dedicated team that enables our completion of projects within very strict timelines. We are constantly evaluating our processes and products to benchmark with industry best practice. Through the years, we have acquired invaluable lessons from our practice and have thus built a solid foundation for continuous improvement that has helped our customers stand out in their strategic positioning.

As a small enterprise in Kenya, our team believes the future is bright in terms of growth and has strategically chosen to build our customers into future respectable brands. That is what informs our philosophy “We develop the future”.

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