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Product Sourcing

Our sourcing process begins by sitting down with our customer and listen to their needs and thereby come up perform a critical Supply Chain Analysis and Design. Since our main industry has been automotive, it helps us understand the detailed specifications of their preffered vehicle models and enable us advise them on cost, taxation regimes and consumer market trends. After careful evaluation, we present our customers with the available practical options that best addresses their needs and in sync with their budget.

Our evaluation includes all minimum regulatory requirements between purchase and 1 Year of use. All our standard documents are digitally signed and QR-verifiable through our online Smart Hub module on our Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) system.

Local Sourcing: Depending on the proposed solution, importation is not always the favourable. Our vast knowledge of the Kenya automotive industry has helped us create networks with local car re-sellers from whom we source suitable models for the customers, involve our technical team for mechanical tests and facilitate the purchase transaction for the customer.

Importation: Where the best solution for our customer is to source from a foreign market, we engage in a rigorous process to get units with the preffered specifications and budget. We engage the customer to select among the options what best fits their needs and proceed to have the vehicles checked and inspected as per the statutory requirements of KS1515 Kenya standards.

All payments made locally and abroad are done under safe, standard legally acceptable platforms. Where possible, our financial partners provide preferential FOREX rates to enable us save on cost. On average, it takes four to six weeks for the vehicles to arrive in Mombasa Kenya.

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