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Welcome to Manosi Ventures

Manosi Ventures Kenya is your Supply Chain Management partner of choice strategically based at the coastal city of Mombasa Kenya serving importers and exporters from East and Central Africa. We pride our success in a culture of innovation, professionalism, competency and trust that has been solidly built over years. We manifest an unprecedented package of tailor made solutions with a key success in the motor vehicle industry.

Although traditionally supply chain management has been assumed to be merely logistical assistance along the value chain, our philosophy has been that every unit in any value chain must be strategically equipped to enable it sustain competitiveness and hence create an avenue for cost reduction. We offer our customers a tailored service that not only meets their needs but as well their budget.

Our Products

We have a wide range of products offering both for corporate and individual customers. We tailor consultancy services in both Supply Chain Management and International Taxation while our key focus remains in actual global value chain management. Our supply chain solutions include Product planning, sourcing and assemply, Delivery and Storage, and Reverse logistics...read more


Supply Chain

In today’s used automobile market, leading the competition not only means driving your costs to the minimum and speeding products to market. It also means adopting a flexible tailor-made supply chain model that i...read more


We develop and refine business processes to be simple, clear, and consistently applied throughout your organization. We align your processes with your strategic goals so that every activity provides meaningful value a...read more

ICT Solutions

Our marketing strategies are as unique as our clients.  That’s why we start every client relationship simply by getting to know them, their business, their market, and their  competition.  We tak...read more

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